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Crunch Time! Great Ways to De-Stress During Exam Week

It’s exam week. Okay, so maybe the best advice we can give you is to just take a huge breath and count to 10. Anyone who has been through exam weeks – like friends, your parents or your co-op advisor – knows you’ll go through at least 20 exam weeks or more in your college career.

Believe me, we feel for you.

But the experience you gain in getting yourself prepared for exam week at the University of Cincinnati or any other college campus will pay off for you not only on the grade you receive, but also in learning how to prep and plan, both great tools to have as you enter the workforce after graduation.

Create a study schedule.

For those of you prepping for University of Cincinnati exam week, this might feel like a waste of time, but seriously, making a plan and working the plan really does work. It’s always best to start with the end in mind.  Look at your current grade in each class, then think about what you want your final grade to be AFTER your exam. Not every class is going to require the same amount of study time. AND be sure to consider a study partner or study guide group for each class. Not everyone learns the same way you do, and you can be very helpful to each other and improve your potential for a great performance/grade on your exam. Many Uptown Rental Properties near University of Cincinnati offer private study rooms or open study spaces like those at VP3 or 101 E Corry. Study rooms right inside your apartment community are a great perk, so take advantage.

Take breaks.

You may think that if you take a break, it will slow you down – not so. Taking a break will allow your mind to re-charge itself and give you the energy you need to complete your study goals. If you’re a student lucky enough to live in apartments near the University of Cincinnati, then you can choose to relax in a community room with friends, shoot a quick game of pool or catch up on the latest “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode. This will give you the refresher you need.

Don’t make fun of the 15-minute power nap.

Stay on the protein and away from the carbs, or the 15-minute power nap will turn into two hours. If the weather is nice, like 70 degrees and sunny, grab a lounge chair and head outside to relax, change up your scenery in the VP3 Community Room or Clubhouse at 65 West, or just head back to your own couch or bed. Set your alarm for 15 minutes so you don’t oversleep. Students who take advantage of this tell us they feel so much better and are ready for the next four or more hours of studying.

And last but not least – We weren’t kidding about the carbs…or sugar.

What you eat really does make a difference in how much energy you have and your concentration levels. Try to stay away from the junk food as it doesn’t really power your brain. Along with putting together a study schedule before you hit exam week, take the time to plan and shop to make sure what you have to eat in your fridge is “power study” worthy.