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The Science Behind the Roommate Search

There is a science when it comes to finding the right roommate. You’re searching for a person who compliments your personality, will be easy to live with and will step up when the going gets tough. These are all reasonable requirements, but you’ve only determined your hypothesis at this point…how will you come to a conclusion?

Well, help is here! We have five tips below to help guide you in this process. A great roommate can positively affect your personal life as well as your professional/college career life…but it’s important to be precise when evaluating the kinds of traits that person has, because one bad prediction can ruin the entire experience.

  1. Consider Starting with Uptown’s Resident Bulletin Board. You can submit your request online by filling out a very simple form and then wait for potential roommates to respond. There is a good chance that someone, who has been waiting to move into a certain Uptown property, has already had an eye on the website. You may be exactly what they’re looking for!
  1. Keep Calm and Carry On…But Only If It Feels Right.Try to be as level-headed as possible when searching for a roommate, and don’t let temporary pressures cause you to overlook important aspects of this new relationship. Let’s say that your potential roommate is in an urgent situation and needs a roommate immediately. It is in your best interest to ask them how they found themselves in this situation and what may have happened. A simple conversation can reveal quite a bit about them, and if their explanation of the situation at hand starts to sound a little patchy, over exaggerated, or extreme, you may want to consider taking another route with someone else. Living with someone you aren’t completely comfortable with can cause you stress. Even if you’re being nice and just trying to help someone out quickly to ease their frustration, it is not always worth sacrificing your own long term happiness if they truly aren’t the right fit.
  1. Do Some Detective Work. Ask questions about your potential new roommate and find out about their general habits, interests, and life goals. Do they watch TV all the time? Do they play an instrument? For entertainment, do they hang out with friends or are they binge-watching Netflix at home? Do they work hard, play hard or do they do both? Are they up at 5 am everyday or are they more of a night owl? What is their schedule like? Does it match or contrast with your schedule? Are there any health concerns such as allergies?
  1. Define the Word “Clean.” Everyone has their own definition of “clean,” so make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to cleaning habits. It is important to room with someone who cleans the same way you do. This will keep minor annoyances on cleanliness to a minimum.
  1. Evaluate How You and Your Roommate Will Problem Solve. It is inevitable that you may have a disagreement with a roommate, no matter how agreeable they may be, at some point in time throughout your lease. It is important to handle these situations in the right way to make sure that you remain friendly and can continue to live together happily. Throw out some scenarios to your prospective roommate and see how they would handle them. If the response seems unreasonable to you, perhaps you two are not a good fit. No hard feelings!

By following these tips, you will soon have all the information you need to make an educated decision which will lead you to the perfect roommate conclusion!