How to Choose a College Apartment

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How to Choose a College Apartment

To parents, it may seem like just yesterday that you were taking your child home from the hospital. Perhaps it feels like 10-minutes ago when you were dropping them off at kindergarten for the first time. But it really is true what they say; time does fly, especially when you are raising children. One minute, you’re teaching them how to drive and before you know it, you are filling out college applications with them.

Many describe the college experience as the departure of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. This newfound adulthood is evident in no greater way than when it comes to choosing where your child will be living. Renting an apartment for a college student is simultaneously exciting and stressful.

To students, finding an apartment is what they have been Pinteresting about for years. A couple of months in a dorm is enough to make them even more excited about making a place their own for the first time.

If this is your first time down this emotional journey, there are many things to keep in mind. Here are some tips on how today’s college students are finding the perfect apartments:

Do Plenty of Research

When it comes to searching for the perfect apartment, research should always be a top priority. Before you go any further in the process, look at prospective apartments online and get an understanding of its proximity to campus, nearby public transportation, and the neighborhood in terms of activity and safety. What kind of amenities are important? A fitness center? A parking garage? Cat or dog friendly? These attributes can make or break a leasing experience.

Schedule a Visit

It’s time to pay your possible properties an in-person visit. An in-person visit will allow you to see the apartment’s actual size and let you get a feel for what the building is like. Make sure you are getting to visit the floor plan you are most interested in; some complexes have several styles of layouts.

Ask Questions

It’s best to ask questions now before being committed to an apartment. Be sure to note when the move- in day is for that property, even if it may seem early to start thinking about your schedule for August. Know what utilities are included, if any, and what would need to be set up prior to moving in. Are you able to make rent payments online?

Start Looking Early

Just like homework assignments, this isn’t something that should wait until the last minute. The earlier the search begins, the more options will be available, and the less stressed everyone will be when the summer comes to an end.

Choosing where you will spend your off-campus hours at college is one of the most exciting decisions you will make as you embark on your university journey. It’s the perfect symbol of your new-found sense of independence; the ultimate. But deciding where to live is a decision that must be taken seriously; not only must a student be completely comfortable with their home-away-from-home, but parents must be assured of their child’s comfort and safety. That’s why countless families choose Uptown Rentals.

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