Keeping up with the Resolutions

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Keeping up with the Resolutions

We’re halfway through the first month of 2019, and I hope you’re holding on to those New Year’s resolutions, despite the temptation of jumping ship by the end of January. We all want this to be our best year yet, right?

I’ve collected some tips to keep up with those goals or even set them now (better late than never!), specifically for college students alike. As an added bonus, I dedicated a Pinterest board to these tactics called “Keeping up with the Resolutions.” Follow Uptown Rental Properties to see the pins that inspired this post, and refer back to them as the year goes on.

Physically Set Goals

A crucial step, goals are most efficiently met when they are written, typed, printed, etc. Seeing the goals you’ve set keeps you accountable and is a constant reminder that you are working toward something. Write them on a white board, in the notes of your phone, or on a post- it note on your mirror; whatever it takes for you to be constantly reminded. Visit them often.

Save that Money

Whether you’re trying to spend less or put money away for later, there’s not a better time to focus on personal finance.

Cut back on unnecessary expenses, such as daily Dunkin drive- thru stops or dining out. Find cheap things to do on weekends, like going for a hike or visiting free museums (there are a handful in Cincinnati actually) and other events in the Cincinnati area. Replace nights out with board game nights with friends.

If you’re looking to not only spend less money, but also put money in savings, creating a budget is a great place to start. When factoring in mandatory expenses such as rent, utilities, and other bills, make additions to your savings mandatory as well. Check out the “How to Budget for Beginners” pin for more in- depth budgeting tricks. Also, the “Easiest Savings Plan Ever” is a great challenge.

Improve your Health 

Perhaps this is a cliché resolution, but getting healthier is one of the most common resolutions for a reason.

Exercise- There are tons of body- weight exercises than can be done in the comfort of your own college apartment. From full- body burners to repeatable weekly routines, turn your living space into a gym if you don’t already have one as an amenity in your community. This is a viable option for the gym- shy people as well.

Eat in- Along with saving a ton of money, preparing food in your apartment or house is an effective way to watch what you eat. Because the cook is in control of what goes in the meal, you can make sure you know what is going in your body by preparing food at home. Planning out meals for the entire week and shopping for what is needed only will keep you on track. Also, eating healthy attributes to improving mental health.

Be positive- Recite affirmations, and believe them. Pick a few of your favorites, and read them every day to help keep a positive attitude. See some examples of positive affirmations on the Pinterest board.

Reward Yourself… in moderation

My favorite part of setting goals is rewarding myself when I’ve accomplished one. Rewards are a great motivator, and having something to work toward is enough to keep some people going. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or a pair of shoes if you’ve been eating consistently eating at home or saving more than you’re spending. Find what motivates you.

Even if your goals aren’t any of the ones listed above, these points can help anyone stay focused and start the year strong. Check out Uptown Rental Properties’ “Keeping up with the Resolutions” board on Pinterest for additional ideas.