Spring in Cincinnati

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Spring in Cincinnati

Live on Short Vine– Come down to Short Vine this weekend (April 5 and 6) for tons of live music, food, and drinks at Mio’s, Top Cats, Taste of Belgium, and Hangover Easy. Listen to music from local independent artists. Visit @bearcastmedia on Instagram to see who will be playing at each bar during this two- day festival.

Red’s games– Find tickets starting at $5. There are several games a week all spring and summer long, so find a day that works best for you and your crew, and go downtown. There are fireworks on Friday nights as well!

Krohn Conservatory– Butterflies of Ecuador exhibit is live through June 16. For $10/ ticket, enjoy the beauty of 12,000 free flight butterflies and encounter a bit of Ecuador. The conservatory is open daily from 10- 5. Krohn Conservatory also showcases more than 3,500 plants from around the world.

FC Cincinnati– Wanting to stay close to campus? Check out FC’s game schedule. Tickets are available starting at around $15 for general admission. Visit Short Vine Entertainment District for food and drink before the game at Mio’s, Ladder 19, Martino’s, or any of the other restaurants just down the street from the stadium.

21c Museum– Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a visit to the 21c Museum Hotel is a great option for a unique, affordable night out. This contemporary art museum features art from talent around the world. Find art in unique spaces, like the sidewalk and on the elevators. The museum/ hotel also features rotating galleries, so all the more reason to visit a few times!

SkyStar Observation Wheel– Take a ride on the SkyStar before it leaves Cincinnati in June. Tickets are $12.50 for a 12- minute ride. You can buy tickets online, and bring your friends! You can fit 6 people on each gondola.

Asian Food Festival– One of many festivals, this one features authentic food from mostly all countries from Asia including Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan and many more. May 11-12 at The Banks.